What Tom Cruise & Katie Homes’ divorce taught us

If it is anything Americans love it is watching a good dramatic celebrity break up. Although, if you are aDirectTV customer, it’s lights out for you if you want to watch all the drama of the Tom Cruise andKatie Homes divorce saga. It is really sad that more Americans tune into or log on to TMZ than reading the daily newspaper.

It is never a happy thing when a marriage fails, but if the reports are true it was wise of Katie Homes to get out of crazy Cruiseville. There is a lot of speculation swirling around why Katie Homes called it quits onTom Cruise. Apparently, it totally took Maverick off guard as Katie used a disposable cell phone to plan the divorce while Tom was in Iceland (of all places) filming a movie.

No matter what the rumors say about why the marriage failed, we can learn three things from TomKat‘s divorce that give us a glimpse into some revealing trends and realities in our culture:

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