Woman Hits the Jackpot and May Have to Share Lottery Winnings with Estranged Adulterous Husband

lottery winnerOne woman’s dreams came true when she hit a lottery in New York. The woman, Patricia Daly Eisel, had her luck pay off when she won the sum of 8 million dollars.

Eisel has been reported to have been down on her luck after her husband took their three sons and left her. This happened last summer and her estranged husband is now living with another women. Although her luck may have appeared to changing by winning the lottery, an article posted in the Irish Times tells a different story.

Since Eisel is still legally married to her husband, does this mean he is entitled to half of her winnings? Even after leaving her for another woman? These questions were talked about in this article.

“However, it now appears that her husband could have a right to claim half of her winnings. New York divorce attorney Raoul Felder told the New York Post,  “On first blush, he might actually have a claim.” He said that the case would be determined on how long they had been separated and how much he helped out financially”, are the answers that were provided in this article.  This is one example of why its so important to handle your divorce rather than procrastinate.

How do you feel about that? Should her estranged husband be entitled to half of her new found fortune?

The article can be read here.

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