Dennis Hopper on His Deathbed is Still Paying Too Much for His Divorce…

Celebrity Dennis Hopper has filed for divorce in Los Angeles from his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy.  The fact that Dennis Hopper is yet again getting divorced is not necessarily news worthy, but this time Dennis has really earned his reputation: he filed for divorce from his deathbed while suffering with prostate cancer.

Although on his deathbed, Hopper is seeking joint custody of the couple’s six year-old daughter, Galen Hopper. The 73-year-old actor-director is also offering to pay spousal support to Duffy.

You would think that after five failed marriages and fourteen years of marriage this time around Dennis would try something new.

One thing is certain, Dennis Hopper is still paying far too much for his divorces.  Celebrities, because of their wealth and fame, almost always pay a premium when it comes to divorce.  Fortunately, if you are contemplating divorce you don’t have to pay the outrageous attorney fees that Dennis is burdened with if you find an affordable divorce attorney.  You will save even more if you qualify for an uncontested divorce.

Our law office offers free divorce consultations.  Learn how you can save thousands of dollars on your divorce and not be stuck in the position that Dennis Hopper currently is in.

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