Divorce Expo gives advice on navigating a breakup

The first day of the Divorce Expo sent a message to people who are splitting up with their spouses or facing that prospect: you’re not alone.

Those offering expertise and support to hundreds of attendees at Novi Middle School included Audrey Silcox, a divorce coach from Alabama. Silcox, a divorced mother of two teenagers, created a Divorce Tool Box about a year ago to help those facing a breakup get organized before they contact a lawyer.

Hundreds of attendees Saturday attended seminars, one-on-one sessions and listened to speakers. They also had the opportunity to talk with vendors who offer legal help and other services for those going through divorce.

These expos are a new phenomenon which could potentially become viable options for those on the brink of divorce. Easing people though this difficult time can be paramount in helping people to move forward post-break up.

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