How Fast Can I Get Divorced in NY?

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  1. Janet
    Janet says:

    I have a friend who is mexican and he wants to divorce his wife, who lives in Mexico. She has ended the relationship a year ago and had asked him for a divorce. He is living over here in NY and were wondering if he can put through the divorce from here. Can you please kindly informe me if is possible to get divorce from here and how long it will take? He does have family and friends who can serve the divorce papers to his wife. Thanks in advance for your help!


    • Attorney David Centeno
      Attorney David Centeno says:

      Thanks for the question. There are two or three grounds that may fit here, including no-fault. Feel free to contact our office at (866) 830-2064 to schedule a free consultation today.

  2. OLGAN
    OLGAN says:

    Hi Mr Centeno. My question is regarding the term ” appearance date” . When i look at the status of my case , the website shows that he case is active and appearance date is april 27,2011. It has been almost 3 weeks since then but still shows same date as an appearance date. It is an uncontested divorce and and my wife defaulted to respond therefore after i waited 40 days , i submitted all papers to the court. How long does it take after the case is brought before Judge? Do i need to take any action because it has been 3 weeks? On the other hand Note of Issue filing date is April 4, 2011. Please let me know as to what i could do . Thanks

    • Attorney David Centeno
      Attorney David Centeno says:

      Appearance date simply means that it is scheduled to be reviewed at that time. If you filed the Note of Issue on April 4, 2011 you should allow at least 2 months before you start allowing yourself to get antsy. As you probably know, just because you submitted the papers does not mean that it will be approved. There are some differences in the paperwork when the Defendant defaults in appearance. This is why I always recommend using an attorney if possible rather than trying to do it yourself or through a DIY online forms website like “LegalZoom.” If the papers are defective you risk screwing up your entire divorce which can result in lost money, time and not ultimately getting divorced. Furthermore, even the NYS unified Courts Website recommends using an attorney because you may be unknowingly giving up valuable rights or not protecting yourself properly if you try to handle your divorce yourself. With all this said, I wish you all the best.

  3. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I have a simple question… If I am asking for less alimony then I can get could or would the judge award more.. I am asking for $225 and I can get up to $445 a week but my soon to be ex says if I go for full amount he will get himself arrested or vanish.. I have always been the primary caregiver, worked pt around his schedule and im out of wrkmn comp

  4. Anastasha Bryan
    Anastasha Bryan says:

    I want to get an uncontested divorce, my husband is willing to sign the paper and we don’t have any children together. How long would the process take.

  5. Ali
    Ali says:

    How lng it will take more to get final divorce, i see my status active and see my appearance date when i visit thst day judge said u have un contested divorse u dont need to come here what is this now what should i do next how much i wait more


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