How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Divorce: “Good Karma Divorce”…

Are you wondering how in the world you can make your divorce process a little less stressful?

Today I read an interesting article regarding how to get a “Good Karma Divorce.”  Judge Lowrence, a long-time divorce lawyer and judge, indicates that one of the most painful aspects of divorce is how much it can cost if you are not careful, citing an the average divorce cost to be $30,000 (and for high income families it can go into the millions).  The judge also cites some other helpful information regarding how to prevent your emotions from making divorce a more painful process than it needs to be.  I would advise you to read through her new book if you are considering divorce.

One thing that I thought Judge Lowrence left out (at least in the article, I didn’t read her book) was the money saving divorce strategy of getting an uncontested divorce.  Reaching an agreement with your spouse to get an uncontested divorce, where you both can agree on certain terms like the division of your assets, is by far the most effective way to save thousands of dollars on your divorce.

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