Landon Donovan is Seeking Spousal Support, Afterall He Only Makes 2 Million a Year

In more celebrity divorce news, soccer player Landon Donovan and his wife Bianca Kajich have decided to call it quits. This really is  no big news as there relationship has always been reported to be a bit troubled. There have been rumors of a love child, rumors of infidelity and of a long separation as well. So it really comes as no surprise that the two are choosing to end their marriage.

What does come as a surprise to many is that Landon Donovan is actually seeking spousal support and help with attorney fees. Of course this is often a common practice when people are going though the divorce process if one spouse is not earning an working earning an income. The catch here is that Donovan has a reported salary for last year of over 2 million dollars.

2 million dollars and he seeks support. Does this sound like a tad bit outlandish to anyone else?

The couple were married for little over 2 years. Bianca is an actress who stars on CBS’s Rules of Engagement. Prior to the marriage Bianca already had a successful career. It is  not like she rode on the coattails of her husbands fame.

So how do you feel about one of the world’s best soccer players asking his wife, who presumably makes way less than 2 million dollars, for money?

Go ahead and read this article here and tell us your thoughts on it.

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  1. mandysandy
    mandysandy says:

    He is not one the worlds best soccer players!!!!! Not even close. He is a drit bag and his request for spousal support is in bad taste. Be a man a support yourself !!!!

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