New Divorce Audio Coaching Program Helps Parents Minimize Effects of Divorce on Their Children

Much has been made about the effects of divorce on children. Some studies claim that children end up as alcoholics or abusers, others claim they are more prone to divorce. Regardless it is pretty obvious that divorce does have a major effect on children. But there is a way we can work to limit the effects.

Enter Divorce and Parenting Coach Rosalind Sedacca, the founder of Child-Centered Divorce, a Support Network for Parents. She has created a 10-hour audio coaching program for parents to aid them in helping their children through divorce.

The program helps moms and dads to deal with the small day to day tasks that can make divorced life so difficult for children. It attempts to get to the root of the program by focusing on the warning signs before they become actual problems. Some of the strategies include:

  •     How to de-fuse conflict with a former spouse while maximizing positive communication
  •     How best to handle questions, depression, tension, arguments and other behaviors from children
  •     What to expect from children of different age groups – from toddlers through teens
  •     How to stay centered and take care of one’s own needs during and after the post-divorce transition
  •     How best to take advantage of the expertise of attorneys, mediators, therapists and other professionals – while not being “taken” personally
  •     How parents can handle weekly routines, schedules, activities and other responsibilities without losing their cool
  •     Coping skills for disciplining children, dating again and other complex challenges that come with parenting after divorce

Valued at $297, Sedacca’s audio coaching program is being offered during a special online launch promotion, for $97.

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