New Divorce Audio Coaching Program Helps Parents Minimize Effects of Divorce on Their Children

Much has been made about the effects of divorce on children. Some studies claim that children end up as alcoholics or abusers, others claim they are more prone to divorce. Regardless it is pretty obvious that divorce does have a major effect on children. But there is a way we can work to limit the effects.

Enter Divorce and Parenting Coach Rosalind Sedacca, the founder of Child-Centered Divorce, a Support Network for Parents. She has created a 10-hour audio coaching program for parents to aid them in helping their children through divorce.

The program helps moms and dads to deal with the small day to day tasks that can make divorced life so difficult for children. It attempts to get to the root of the program by focusing on the warning signs before they become actual problems. Some of the strategies include:

  •     How to de-fuse conflict with a former spouse while maximizing positive communication
  •     How best to handle questions, depression, tension, arguments and other behaviors from children
  •     What to expect from children of different age groups – from toddlers through teens
  •     How to stay centered and take care of one’s own needs during and after the post-divorce transition
  •     How best to take advantage of the expertise of attorneys, mediators, therapists and other professionals – while not being “taken” personally
  •     How parents can handle weekly routines, schedules, activities and other responsibilities without losing their cool
  •     Coping skills for disciplining children, dating again and other complex challenges that come with parenting after divorce

Valued at $297, Sedacca’s audio coaching program is being offered during a special online launch promotion, for $97.

The Shocking Way That Porsha Stewart Found Out About Her Divorce!

Porsha Stewart, the wife of former NFL star and now TV analyst Kordell Stewart, was admittedly shocked when she found out that her husband had fild for divorce. However the way it happened was even worse, imagine finding out on Twitter!?

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Katy Perry Calls Divorce from Russell Brand a “Very Tiny Elephant” in the Room

According to Katy Perry, her divorce from Russell Brand is all but in the past at this point. The singer recently called the situation a “very tiny elephant” in the room, suggesting that she is over it.


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4 tips for parents going through divorce

Divorce is hard, but it’s even that much harder when there are children involved. It’s one thing to attempt to deal with those feelings yourself but when you heap kids on top of that it becomes a real issue. Fox has outlined 4 important tips for parents going through divorce. Adhering to these can be the difference between a protracted situation and a smooth transition.


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Divorce Laws: Supreme Court Deciding Whether Ex- Or Current Wife Should Get Insurance Money

A Virginia Law that overrides a federal employees designation of a beneficiary in a federal insurance program is currently being questioned by Supreme Court justices.

In this specific case Warren Hillman made Judy Maretta a beneficiary of his Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance policy before their divorce.

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Kris Humphries the big loser in divorce case with Kim Kardashian

As the details slowly begin to leak out, it appears that Kris Humphries is going to be the big loser in the Kim Kardashian divorce case. According to TMZ Humphries is set to be hit with a trifecta of losses. He is going to get no money, the marriage will be dissolved and he will pay his own attorney fees.

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For the poorer spouse, financing for the divorce battle

We enter into relationships with different financial backgrounds and the process of a protracted court battle can leave the less well off spouse reeling from the costs. In order to prepare yourself for the battle royale that is modern day divorce, you need to ensure that you commit enough time to adequate planning.
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UK Survey Reveals Money Mistake Many Women Make Post-Split

Dealing with the financials post divorce can be tough, especially for women who may not have bene the primary breadwinner during their marriages. A recent survey in the United Kingdom showcased some of the common money mistakes that women make after a divorce. According to the survey nearly one in five women stop paying their pension plan, among other things.

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Finding yourself after a divorce

It’s probably the worse time of the whole process. Sure going through a divorce itself is hard but after the dust settles and and the lawyers are gone the real work of rebuilding your life begins. But where do you even start at that point? Here are some tips:

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Jane Seymour & Husband Announce Divorce After 20 Years

Jane Seymour, best known for her role as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is divorcing from her husband James Keach after 20 years according to the couple. Apparently Seymour had grown tired of Keach’s infidelity, even kicking him out at one point.


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