New York No-Fault Officially Took Effect October 12, 2010

There was a lot of confusion when the no-fault law would take effect.  I heard October 15, October 14 and what the court told me was October 12, 2010.  Of course I went with what the court said.

As of last week we have been receiving a huge number of calls from people who are excited about the possibility of finally getting divorced.  They are ecstatic about the freedom that the new no-fault divorce law has given them.  They no longer have to prove to the court that they should be allowed to get divorced.

As a New York divorce lawyer, I am also very happy to see many of my clients able to get divorced who could never have gotten divorced before.  October 12, 2010 was a very uplifting day.  It felt really liberating to file divorces for my clients under the new no-fault law.

If you are considering a no-fault divorce, please call our law office at (866) 830-2064 to schedule a free consultation.

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