Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds Taking the High Road with Their Divorce

We have all become so accustomed to the mud slinging and name calling that the media shoves in our faces to exploit the newest celebrity divorce. That’s why the way that Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds have been handling their divorce is so refreshing.  Its also, exactly what are firm offers in terms of uncontested, no-fault divorce.

The two recently met for dinner in New York City and reportedly had a fun and light meal and were noted to be very friendly with each other. No name calling and no throwing a drink one’s face happened here, just to people who are in the process of getting divorce having a meal together. A civil meal together one may add. This is  far from the norm and this usually not expected behavior of celebrities, but isn’t this a welcomed change of pace?

The pair are not trying to reconcile their marriage and chose to have a friendly chat and discuss their no-fault divorce. Its nice to see such well known names handling a divorce with pride and in a civil manner. This proves that divorce can be handled amicably.

Think about it, at one point in time you and your spouse loved each other, so when the marriage doesn’t work, isn’t it only logical to end on a good note. So Kudos to these two for being an example of the fact that not all divorces are bitter and hateful.

Read the heart-warming story here:

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