New York Prenup Lawyer


A New York Prenup Lawyer is needed to ensure that you’re protected well into the future and that your prenup is legally binding.

Entering into a prenup without the help of a lawyer is dangerous — it can result in your prenup being invalidated by the court when you need it most, or your rights not being adequately protected.

Top rated divorce attorney David Centeno and attorney Jerry Kugelmas, who has over 36 years of prenuptial agreement practice, can help you thoughtfully craft a prenup that suits your unique set of desires and circumstances.

We can help you with your prenup – regardless of where you are located – as we utilize online meetings for your convenience.

The substantial divorce and prenup law experience that we offer is an invaluable asset when drafting and negotiating your prenuptial agreement.

Simply put, we have seen it all.  We know how to handle the most complex of situations and have helped many forward thinking clients retain control of their destinies.

Popular Prenups

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more popular today in New York and across the country. In 20 years the number of prenups has increased by 500%.

Millennials have really taken to prenups, as they recognize that the national divorce rate is above 50% and don’t want to leave their fate in the hands of the divorce court, especially after a falling out with their spouse.

Prenups allow you to retain control of what will happen to your assets, liabilities, professional licenses, businesses, homes, gifts and inheritances for example.

Without a well drafted prenup, in the event of a divorce, the likelihood of costly and time consuming litigation is much higher.

Myths About Prenups

There are many MYTHS about pre-nuptial agreements that are simply NOT true:

  • Prenups are not for young people.  With the average age of marriage for men being 27 and 25 for women, plenty of young people can benefit from pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Prenups are bad for women.  Pre-nuptial agreements can actually empower women in the marital relationship, making it more of a 50/50 partnership
  • Prenups are unromantic and mean “I don’t love or trust you.” Actually pre-nuptial agreements stimulate communication between the couple and encourage compromise.  Dealing with sensitive issues can actually bring the couple closer together.

All Prenups are Not Made Alike

As a top New York Prenup Lawyer, we get calls from people who want to enter into prenuptial agreements, but are unwilling to do it right.  This leaves the prenup open to being challenged and disregarded by the court if the couple later gets divorced.  With the national divorce rate at over 50%, you don’t want to take your chances.

There are certain rules that must be followed in order to virtually bulletproof your prenuptial agreement:

  • You and your fiancé will need separate and independent counsel. This is important.  Both sides need to be represented to ensure that each of your rights are being protected.
  • Full financial disclosure of all assets and liabilities of each party must be made. If we don’t know what we are working with, we can’t advise you properly.  If you don’t know what your partner truly has or owes, then you can’t make an educated decision.
  • The prenup should be completed at least 30 days before the wedding ceremony and preferably before invitations go out. We get a lot of calls where people are getting married in two weeks or two months.  Its important to follow this rule, because many prenups are disregarded by the courts because they were entered into too soon before the wedding and the court assumes there was duress at play.
  • Must follow all the formalities required by law. The law requires that the prenup be in writing, signed by both parties and acknowledged in the same manner as a deed.
  • The prenup can not be unconscionable or unreasonable. These are abstract concepts and require the expertise of an attorney.

Our law firm offers free consultations regarding prenuptial agreements, where we can briefly discuss your unique set of goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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Affordable NY Prenups

Prenups have gained a lot of popularity today because they help people retain control over their marital relationship and potential divorce.  With the divorce rate being approximately 50%, people want to protect themselves in the event that the worst actually occurs.

NY prenuptial agreement allows you to hope for the best, as well as plan for the worst.

When you look at a prenup like life or health insurance it makes a lot of sense.  Protect your hard-earned assets that you have accrued and will accrue in the future.

We offer prenup consultations and provide our clients with a lot of useful information about what New York prenups can and can’t do.  We help you decide what issues to cover to make sure that your prenup is as “bulletproof” as possible and offers you the greatest amount of control and protection.

We can also offer you pointers on how to broach the prenup topic with your fiance or partner.

We are proud to offer only the highest quality representation when it comes to prenups and do our utmost to protect your rights and assets to the fullest extent of the law.

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