Text Messages Increasingly Used as Evidence of Fault in New York Divorce…

Text messages are the digital age’s lipstick on the collar.  Technology is transforming the face of divorce, especially in New York, one of the few states that still requires as showing of fault.

If you look to the media for examples, you will find Tiger Woods’ alleged affair partner publishing flirty text messages to the public.  Also, Senator John Ensign of Nevada, whose affair with a former employee was confirmed by an incriminating text message.

Others, like Kwame Kilpatrick, the Detroit’s former mayor, were caught because they used government-issued cell phones. Mr. Kilpatrick lied under oath about having an affair with an aide, but his text messages revealed othrwise.

Nevada’s governor, Jim Gibbons, was recently accused by his wife in their recent divorce of sending more than 800 text messages to his mistress in 2007.  He argued that the woman was just a friend, but he ended up paying the state of Nevada $130 for the messages from his phone. The list goes on ad infinitum.

Text messages are an ever-growing source of evidence used to substantiate New York divorces.  If you have recently caught your spouse sending suspicious text messages or have recently been caught sending such messages you can set up a free divorce consultation with our divorce office.  Call toll-free (866) 830-2064 now…

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