Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement Final

On August 23, 2010, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren appeared at the Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Florida to sign their divorce settlement agreement.

The media has been quoting that the Woods divorce settlement was for between $100 and $500 million.  This is a vast spread and I am sure the exact numbers will eventually be reported by the media.

I recently read an article of Forbes claiming that there is no way that the divorce settlement was for $500 million because Tiger Woods is not worth that much after taking taxes into consideration.

Regardless of whether the divorce settlement was for $100 million or $500 million we know it was for a lot of money.

I would enjoy reading a copy of the Tiger Woods prenup and settlement agreement and see where this situation went wrong.

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  1. Adam@Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Attorney
    Adam@Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Attorney says:

    I wonder if rather than something going distinctly wrong with the prenup, it was just Woods feeling ashamed and guilty and thus willing to give up more than he would otherwise. It’s an interesting situation David. Have you ever had a client come back to you and say, I know I have this prenup, but just give him or her what she wants? It’s as if Woods is punishing himself. You can’t look at him on the golf course and see the same guy. I wonder if he’ll ever be the same.

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