Today’s Divorced Women Face an Optimistic Financial Future, Study Indicates

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

According to findings from the Pew Economic Mobility Project, around half of both genders suffer financially after a divorce, but the trend of women who financially profit is surpassing that of men. Historically, divorce has been kinder to the man involved, but the family law attorneys at San Francisco’s Heath-Newton, LLP are highlighting this study as substantive evidence that modern women face an optimistic future after a marital split. The reasons for this gender flip are multi-faceted, ranging from a narrowing income gap to more informed asset management.

The Pew Charitable Trust initiated the Pew Economic Mobility Project to study public ability to scale the income ladder over the course of a lifetime or multiple generations. Its findings aim to promote policy debate to improve long-term economic opportunities. The study’s research on divorce found that 20% of women will experience income gains of over 25% in the aftermath of a divorce, a figure that has nearly doubled in 20 years. In contrast, 16% of men see income gains after divorce, an increase of only 2% in 20 years.

In terms of income drops after divorce, women’s rates have slowed considerably, while men’s statistics have begun to climb. In the mid 1970’s, 63% of women and 30% of men dealt with income declines of at least 25% after divorce. That figure has narrowed to 49% of women and 47% of men today, reflecting the closing earning gap between genders.
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