What if Your Spouse Won’t Sign? Can You Still Get a NY Uncontested Divorce?

What if your spouse won’t sign his or her divorce papers?  Are you unable to get a divorce in New York?  What about an uncontested divorce?

The answer is that even if your spouse refuses to sign there are ways to still get divorced in New York.  You may also still attempt to get an uncontested divorce…

The trick is to have your spouse personally served. This is just a fancy way of saying that you can hire a process server for a small fee to personally deliver the papers to your spouse. The process server will sign an affidavit swearing that your spouse received the divorce documents. Then if your soon-to-be ex doesn’t reply, you can move forward with your divorce without his or her consent.

Clients love this trick, hopefully you do too…

Also, if we can’t locate your spouse we can do a Publication Divorce.  So no matter what, we’ve got you covered.

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  1. AKBAR
    AKBAR says:

    Hi, iv’e been married for 12 yrs. no kids no property .The only thing i got is my job and my 401k . she works with me at the same facility , we both have the same job title she’s got more money than me i have less can she take my 401k. And if she does , would i be able to claim hers .Honestly i rather walk away with out taking none of her stuff but she will cause me problems i know that for a fact. So that is my main concern if you could help me & respond to that , i’ll greatly appreciate it thank you very much sencerly yours, AKBAR.


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