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Divorce Laws: Supreme Court Deciding Whether Ex- Or Current Wife Should Get Insurance Money

A Virginia Law that overrides a federal employees designation of a beneficiary in a federal insurance program is currently being questioned by Supreme Court justices. In this specific case Warren Hillman made Judy Maretta a beneficiary of his Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance policy before their divorce. Read More: The Huffington Post  

Ozzy Osbourne: 44 Days Sober, No Divorce

Divorce rumors have been swirling around former rockstar Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon but it seems that they are only rumors. Though the Osbourne family has been met with increasingly difficult news over the past few years, it appears that this isn’t one more thing to add to the list. Read More: ABC 

Divorce Is A Right, Not A Crime

When the word divorce is mentioned it usually brings about disparaging looks and cries of the ‘good old days’ when people would ‘stick it out.’ But classifying divorce as some shortcoming is false and unfair. We live in a world where we have options, you have the right to be divorced if you are unhappy. […]