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Divorce in a Day

No the sky isn’t falling and there aren’t pigs flying up there either, but yes – divorce in one day may be possible. At least it was in this case. Read more to find out about Sacramento’s speed divorces/ Read More: Fox 40

Divorce and Tax Considerations

April 15th may have come and gone but as they always say, taxes are forever. This become even more important during divorce proceedings, where everything can seem as though it is influx. It’s crucial to remain prudent at this time. Even minor mistakes in property division can have disastrous implications that can be impossible to […]

Divorce proof your family-owned business

Splitting assets after a nasty breakup can be a difficult task to mitigate. Companies are renowned for having contingency plans and preparing for all possible outcomes but admittedly divorce is hardly ever prepared for. However it is not all doom and gloom, with the proper preparation beforehand certain situations can be avoided. Think about the […]

Annulment Vs. Divorce

So what’s the difference? Both a divorce and an annulment are legal means to successfully dissolve a marriage however there are distinct difference between the two. An annulment treats the marriage as null and void by working retroactively to rescind the contract as if it was never valid.   Read more: Your Tango 

Viagra and Divorce

At first glance this may seem odd, Viagra is supposed to help divorce right? By aiding the physical side of a relationship? But perhaps this isn’t the case, is viagra creating major issues between the newly sexualized males and their spouses whose libido may be waning? Find out more here below. Read More: The Huffington Post […]

Divorce Rates on the Decline

Stop the presses! It seems that divorces are on the decline across America. A recent article by the Huffington Post highlighted this issue. The main reasons for the decline are centered around the recession, more women in the workforce and the rise of living together before marriage. Read More: The Huffington Post    

Divorce Whisperer? Mediating With Parents Isn’t Easy

We often talk about dealing with divorce for parents and its immediate impact on their kids. But what about the long term effects for grown children. Sometimes it can morph into repeatedly annoying situations down the line. Especially when it comes to family gatherings or necessary outings. For example think of a wedding. Where do […]