If I Just Moved to New York, Can I Get a New York Uncontested Divorce?

If you just moved to New York you may be able to get a divorce.  The short answer is: “It depends…”

It all depends on whether you meet New York State’s residency requirements.

New York law (NY Dom Rel Law §230) is a little tricky when it comes to its residency requirements.  I have simplified the law in a prior post regarding New York State Divorce Residency Requirements.

Please read the above linked post for the exact details on New York’s residency requirements.  If your moving to New York falls within one of the options explained in that post, then you meet the residency requirementsand may get divorced in New York State.

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    • David Centeno
      David Centeno says:

      I hope you never have to get divorced either. If you do, and you qualify for a New York divorce, we would be happy to help you through the process. But I agree, no divorce is better but not always a real possibility.


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