New York No Fault Divorce Has Finally Arrived!

The New York State legislature have finally passed a bill that will soon put into effect a new long-awaited law permitting no-fault divorce in New York State.  The New York Times, amongst others, eagerly reported the breaking news yesterday.

As a New York divorce law firm, we have seen the many problems that New York not permitting no-fault divorce has caused.  Keeping spouses imprisoned in unhappy marriages.  Encouraging people to perjur themselves so that they could obtain relief from a broken marriage.

Finally, New York has woken up to the many cries for reform regarding no-fault divorce law.  Soon, if you are unhappy in your marriage you can get divorced without having to allege fault grounds for divorce such as adultery, abandonment, imprisonment, cessation of sexual relations and so on…

Our law firm prides itself on being on the cutting edge of New York no fault divorce law.  We have our finger on the pulse of New York divorce reform so that we can help our clients achieve the results they desire.

If you would like to learn more about whether you qualify for a New York no fault divorce, please contact our no fault divorce hotline at (866) 830-2064 to schedule your free initial phone consultation with one of our New York no fault divorce lawyers.

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  1. Adam@Antelope Valley Bankruptcy Attorney
    Adam@Antelope Valley Bankruptcy Attorney says:

    My state of California originated no-fault divorce in the United States dating back to 1970. Even 40 years later, it is good to hear New York State is following suit finally. The inability to unilaterally get out of a bad marriage without alleging fault or requiring a year long separation agreement is a big step.

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