Financing Your Divorce, a New Trend?

It’s becoming increasingly true that just about everything can now be financed, well now you can add divorce to your list. If you want out of your marriage but do not have the money set aside to pay for an attorney, new finance loans for divorce are now available.  A recent article that was published in the New York Times talks about the rise of this new way to pay for your divorce.

“With some in the financial world willing to bet on almost anything, it should be no surprise that a few would see the potential to profit from the often contentious and emotional process of ending a marriage. So far, the number of companies investing in divorce is small — Balance Point is one of the few that do it exclusively. But other businesses are gearing up. A New York start-up, Churchill Divorce Finance, also is planning to enter the business. The company’s chief executive previously co-founded a publicly traded Australian company, ASK Funding, that has invested tens of millions in divorce cases there”, states the article.

It really is no surprise when you think about, if there is a way to make money someone will find the way to make it happen. Do you think that being able to finance your divorce is an ethical thing?  The article, which can be read here, also talks about the fee’s that are involved.

Instead of financing your divorce, why not call our offices today. We offer affordable divorce and we can be reached at 866-830-2064.

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  1. Joan
    Joan says:

    I want to file for divorce but I have no money of my own. I am a stay at home mom. We own about 10 properties together, but not one dime in savings. The economy has hit us hard and we live paycheck to paycheck. We have a lot of real estate but no liquid cash. Finding a lawyer to help me has been impossible. I just want out of this marriage.
    Financing for divorce? Interesting.


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