Fast New York Divorce… I Need to Get Divorced NOW So I Can Get Remarried… Be Careful You Might End Up in Jail…

You’re looking to get divorced now, ahora, within a few days, this week or by next Tuesday.  You’re not alone!

The great thing is – we offer an EXPEDITED SERVICE that get’s you your divorce lightning fast.

If you’re interested in getting the fastest possible divorce in New York State – you’ve come to the right place.  That’s what we’re famous for!

Fill out the box to your right to learn whether you qualify for our EXPEDITED SERVICE.


Be aware that there are a lot of fast divorce scams on the internet promising get divorced quick schemes that aren’t legal and can get you into serious legal trouble.

For example, say you’re still legally married yet want to get remarried to your new girlfriend or boyfriend.  And for arguments sake, let’s say you make the mistake of falling for a fast divorce scheme advertising something like “Same Day Mexican Divorce $299.”  You get a piece of paper saying that you are legally divorced in Mexico.

Now you decide to get married.  You and your fiancé go to a New York court, sign the marriage papers and swear that you’re not currently married.  The court issues you a marriage license.

This is where you can get in serious legal trouble.  In New York State, as in all other states, bigamy (or being married to two or more persons at the same time) is illegal and punishable by up to four years of imprisonment.

Think about it… Does getting a divorce right now, this minute, mean so much to you that you want to risk going to prison?  If it was me, I would rather get legally divorced, wait whatever time period I had to wait, and do it right.

The best part is, we’re a legit law firm and offer extremely fast divorces that will result in a legal divorce.  At the end you’ll receive a copy of the Judgment of Divorce signed by the Judge.

Staying out of jail is just an added perk!

Our New York divorce law practice offers free divorce consultations.  Call (866) 830-2064 today to learn how long it realistically takes to get a legal New York divorce…  Our free consultation may be your Get Out of Jail Free Card

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  1. Lawyers
    Lawyers says:

    Agree 100%. Be aware of online divorce schemes like the “Same Day Mexican Divorce” or ” Quickie divorce by proxy or by mail”. Prior to file for your divorce, always do you due diligence: research carefully what it is offered. Check references, credentials, experience, network and resources of the people offering you the service. Make sure to find reliable sources to compare and support what is being offered. And,remember that affordable doesn’t always mean cheap. Keep in mind the old saying: buy cheap, pay twice.

  2. Lawyers
    Lawyers says:

    Glad you liked our comments. Not all fast divorce options offered online are schemes, as well not all attorneys offering their legal services are ethical and scrupulous. That’s why it is extremely important for the client to always due their due diligence prior to hire any attorney no matter where he/she is located.

    BTW, great blog! Very interesting and full of useful info.

    All the Best

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