Fear that Your Spouse Won’t Agree to an Uncontested Divorce? Read This…

Often I get calls from husbands or wives, talking in hushed tones, asking for advice regarding how they can convince their spouse to get an uncontested divorce versus a contested one.  I don’t blame them.  In today’s economy, I too would want to at least try my best to get an uncontested divorce that is more affordable, far faster and less painful that its contested alternative.

I am always willing to counsel couples regarding the harsh realities of divorce in New York State.  New York fault-based divorce law provokes costly, time consuming, and heart wrenching litigation.  I try to help couples realize that an uncontested divorce is likely their best alternative.  I do charge a small fee for these joint consultations, as they usually are more intensive and time consuming than the regular 20 minute free divorce consults that our office offers.  The tens of thousands of dollars in savings that you may reap from this legal advice, far outweigh the $150 consultation fee that I charge…

If you would like to set up a joint consultation to discuss your legal alternatives as a couple facing divorce, please call toll-free (866) 830-2064 to schedule your low-cost consultation now…


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