How Fast Can I Get Divorced in New York? Here are the Factors…

When it comes to how fast we can get you your divorce, I always tell my clients that it would be nice to have a crystal ball.

Although having a crystal ball would certainly be helpful (and cool!), I just can’t seem to find a real one on Amazon.

But what I do have an Expedited Service that I’ve developed over many years of hard-earned experience.

Not everyone qualifies for our Expedited Service, but I can assure you that if you do… we can get you the fastest divorce possible in New York State.

To learn whether you qualify, request a free consultation by filling out the box to the right. 

Our Expedited Service gets you your divorce virtually always within 2 months or less!

The factors that affect the speed of your divorce are whether:

  • You know where your spouse is located
  • Your spouse is going to cooperate or contest the divorce
  • Your spouse refuses to sign the papers
  • Your spouse is in a foreign country
  • You quickly get us the information we require to represent you
  • You sign and notarize the documents correctly
  • All statutory time requirements are able to be met
  • The Court is very backlogged in the County where you file
  • The particular Judge or Special Referee assigned to your case is fast or slow
  • The Court finds mistakes or defects in your paperwork

Taking into consideration all of these factors above, I have developed our Expedited Service which cuts through the red tape and get you your divorce as fast as legally possible.

Again, our Expedited Service is not for everyone.  You need to qualify.

To learn whether you qualify, give us a call to schedule a free consultation at (866) 830-2064 now.

Furthermore, there are a lot of divorce scam artists that claim they can offer you a Mexican divorce, Nevada divorce, Dominican divorce in no time.  Don’t fall for the hype.

I am going to go out on a limb here and presume that you want to be sure your divorce is legally binding.  If its not, and you remarry you could get into serious legal trouble for bigamy, which is punishable by up to five years of imprisonment in New York.  I recommend you play it safe and get a real New York divorce.

To schedule your free New York divorce consultation, call (866) 830-2064 now…

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  1. Amina Hall
    Amina Hall says:

    Hello I am interested in getting a divorce. Please contact me. I would like to know about your prices and what exactly I would need for this to start.

    347-993-xxxx (removed for privacy concerns)

  2. Attorney David Centeno
    Attorney David Centeno says:


    Thank you for contacting our law firm regarding your important legal issue.

    I apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner. We do not review these comments daily.

    I left a voicemail for you at the number you provided. Please get in touch with me to schedule a free consultation.

  3. ashley
    ashley says:

    my fiance and i have a wedding planned for may 26, 2012,
    we only have a few weeks left and he is still legally married to his ex. they have been separated for atleast 7 years, we are having trouble getting her to cooperate with the divorce. i am worried our marriage will not be legal, how much do you charge for your services and is there any possible way we can get the divorce finalized in 4-4 1/2 weeks??

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