Pros of No Fault Divorce

Are you ready for a divorce but are unwilling to go through the chaotic motions it implies? No fault divorce may be the divorce for you. Below is a list of the primary advantages of having a no fault divorce according to Betsey Stevenson’s, of the New York Times, calculations.

States with no-fault laws show a decline in domestic violence rates by one third percent and spousal murder by ten percent.

The availability of an easy divorce has been connected to a decline in female suicides by twenty percent.

These laws encourage men and women to leave an abusive marriage by simplifying the process.

A no fault divorce is short and simple; thus, children are spared a good load of emotional turmoil endured through a conflicted divorce and so are the divorcees.

It reduces the congestion in family courts.

No-fault divorce law gives either party the freedom to leave under the sole claim of “irreconcilable differences.”

It shifts the bargaining power to the person who is getting less out of the marriage who as a result, is most likely to leave.

For more information, check out: The New York Times

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